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LumiCell is a fast-growing LED Manufacturer with efficient and eco-friendly attributes. Since the foundation of our company, our aim has always been to create a new lighting industry.
Demands for LED lighting are now dramatically increasing all around the world in a variety of applications, for example: mobile communication, indoor and outdoor decorations, all kinds of illuminations and lighting resources for LCD BLU.

Thanks to its energy saving, eco-friendliness and optimum harmony between human and nature, the semiconductor lighting industry has become one of the fastest growing fields of the future lighting industry. We as a firm for LED lighting instrument development and supply are going to step forward to make our world more beautiful, brighter and cleaner with our supply of high-quality products and lighting instruments.

We will be the cornerstone for the future lighting industry with customer-oriented marketing to stand with continuous research & development and customer service. Our products (for decoration, street/scenery lighting and sign applications etc.) are currently widely being used in domestic and overseas markets.

Also our product’s technology, price and competitiveness have been approved by overseas markets oriented on European markets. Reliable and durable, made from a mix of electronic circuit design capacity and optical technique with high-tech materials. We are able to say without hesitation that our products are of the best quality.

Backed by the technical know-how of LED’s gained via various related business experiences, LumiCell is a young and healthy company founded under the motto: “Light is the future”. We promise continuous development, innovation and differentiated solutions from over the limits of technology and unlimited value creation.

We promise that our company as a whole will co-operate with our customers to realize the customer’s value and progress together with the customer. Thank you for all your support.

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